About Compton Fundraising Consultants

Compton Fundraising grew up in Australasia, went to Europe for the big OE and has returned to its roots. We still have offices in London, San Francisco and Vancouver, but we’ve brought more than 50 years of experience back Downunder.

Compton is different from any other fundraising business in Australasia. We have seen a lot of change over the last half-century. We have had to adapt.

We provide high-level business planning and disciplines for major projects in the not-for-profit sector. Usually that is based on helping establish the most cost efficient way to ensure your donors’ money achieves effective results. 

With good management, most organisations have access to better and more cost efficient resources than you will ever get from an outside agency. We help you to discover what you already have and to build on your strengths.

As such, we work with organisations to make sure you have the tools and relationships you need to thrive and achieve your goals.

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